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VQ Apprenticeships offers high-quality apprenticeships delivered in close collaboration with both employers and learners.

  • Apprenticeships offer huge benefits to both businesses and learners.
  • Apprenticeships provide opportunity and ambition.
  • Apprenticeships can unlock fabulous career opportunities and provide experience, qualifications and vital business knowledge.
  • Apprenticeships offer learners the chance to acquire skills that can be used in any industry.

Gaining these skills enables people to progress in their career choices at any stage of their lives. The skills acquired in apprenticeships will enable young people to compete against the best. In any business sector.

For businesses, apprenticeships make strong commercial sense. They can support businesses to improve the quality of their products and services. They also allow employers to find and develop future talent and have young people grow with the business.

Some of the country’s top employers are offering work experience, traineeships and apprenticeships to help give young people the best start in their career

On average, individuals with an advanced apprenticeship earn between £77,000 and £117,000 more over their lifetime than similar individuals with Level 2 qualifications

After finishing, the majority of apprentices (90%) stay in employment (including 2% self-employed), with seven in ten (71%) staying with the same employer;

89% of apprentices are satisfied with their apprenticeship; 85% of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved, and 83% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved

Looking for an apprentice?

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