Digital Skills and Training

We have written a number of articles about how the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is becoming so popular with both SMEs and also digital marketing agencies. We though it might be useful to back up our thoughts with an article that has some interesting data taken from the the BIS Research Paper (247) Digital Capabilities in SMEs: Evidence Review and Re-survey of 2014 Small Business Survey respondents which was published in September 2015.

We live in an ever increasing digital world. We use digital technologies at work and at home. How many people have a social networking account such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat? How many people pay for goods and service online? How many people use streaming services to watch TV and movies? We are surrounded by digital technologies.

The BIS Research paper is an interesting read as it highlights a number of issues that SMEs are still facing with digital technologies. Lets look at some of the findings:

  • 24% of businesses do not have a website or are listed in an online directory
  • 16% of websites allow customers to make an appointment
  • 22% of website owners have never had them updated
  • 64% of businesses do not have a social media profile
  • 1 in 5 SMEs consider that they are poor in overall technical understanding

How can a digital marketing apprentice help?

When we consider the nearly £600bn of sales are done online in the UK every year, then having little or no digital presence can only be putting businesses at a disadvantage. The benefits that employing an apprentice to support you in the this area are huge.

The biggest barrier to online growths tends to be that business owners have yet to explore and fully understand the power of the digital economy. An apprentice on the other hand will be tech savvy having used digital technologies through school and in the personal life. They will know how social networks operate, will have built a website and will keep up to date with technological advancements.

The new apprenticeship standard build has been designed by employers and it provides a method to get someone in your business who fully understands what digital marketing can do.

Embedding digital learning throughout the education system is a long-term solution, but there is also a clear need to enhance digital capabilities in the shorter term. Key to increasing capacities to take advantage of digital opportunities are providing digital courses and awareness-raising initiatives through existing local private and third sector networks, and improving cyber security.

Digital Capabilities in SMEs: Evidence Review and Re-survey of 2014 Small Business Survey respondents

The digital marketing apprenticeship will ensure that the apprentice has the skills, knowledge and behaviours to grow your digital marketing and they in turn will grow with your business. It is the perfect way to develop the skills your business needs.

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