End Point Assessment Apprenticeship Standards

As part of the government’s apprenticeship reforms, there is an ongoing change from Apprenticeship Frameworks to Apprenticeship Standards.

The new standards have been developed by employer groups who have determined the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed by apprentices to be competent and productive within their particular industry. The notable difference between frameworks and standards is that to complete an apprenticeship standard, the learner must go through and end point assessment process. The purpose of the end point assessment is to ensure for learners to demonstrate that they meet the standards set by the employers. Endpoint assessments are carried out by an independent Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation.

Our current End Point Assessment offering:

  • End Point Assessment

    The final, end point assessment is completed in the last few months of the apprenticeship. It is based on

    • a portfolio – produced towards the end of the apprenticeship, containing evidence from real work projects which have been completed during the apprenticeship, usually towards the end, and which, taken together, cover the totality of the standard, and which is assessed as part of the endpoint assessment
    • a project – giving the apprentice the opportunity to undertake a business-related project over a one-week period away from the day to day workplace
    • an employer reference
    • a structured interview with an assessor – exploring what has been produced in the portfolio and the project as well as looking at how it has been produced

    An independent assessor will assess each element of the endpoint assessment and will then decide whether to award successful apprentices with a pass, a merit or a distinction.

    Requirements to move to End-Point Assessment

    In order for an apprentice to move to end-point assessment, they will need to evidence of:

    • Level 2 qualification (or equivalent) in maths and English.
    • Completion of knowledge modules or the published vendor qualifications


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