Social Media Apprenticeship Changes

Back in November 2015 we started to report the pending changes to the delivery of apprenticeships in England. These changes will see apprenticeship standards replace the current apprenticeship frameworks. The apprenticeship standards have been developed by employer groups and are designed to better reflect the requirements of apprentices working in specific industries. The information about the changes and standards is starting to be released and we have a bit more information about the social media apprenticeship which is changing to ‘Digital Marketer Apprenticeship‘.

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship

We are still waiting for details of the assessment plan. The new standards are made up of two parts, the standards set out the skills, knowledge and behaviours required of the apprentices and the assessment plan sets out what the apprentice has to achieve at the end of the learning programme.

Last week there was an update to the apprentice standards which set out some of the requirements for the knowledge elements that are learners have to achieve. As well as collecting evidence and developing skills and knowledge in the workplace, learners will now have to achieve specific event or qualifications in order to demonstrate that they have the knowledge required to be successful within the digital marketing industry.

The list of vendor qualifications that are acceptable are listed below:

  • CIW – Site Development Associate
  • Google Squared
  • CIM
  • Dot Native
  • CIW – Internet Business Associate
  • Google Analytics IQ
  • CIW – Data Analytics
  • CIW – Social Media

We are a CIW assessment centre and will therefore be factoring the specific vendor qualifications into the changes that we will be making to the social media apprenticeships. The assessment plan is still being developed by the employee group that is responsible for the Digital marketer apprenticeship. We are hoping that this assessment plan will be released shortly.

Apprenticeship Standard Funding

There has also been some additional information regarding the funding of the new apprentice standards. We are though still waiting for the capping the level that will be set for this apprenticeship. Again, once we have these details we will make them known and publish them on our website.