Systems Development

We have designed and developed a number of learning systems and applications that support the delivery of technical and vocational training.

We have developed learning management systems, online learning portals, quality assurance systems and smartphone applications.

Why Develop Systems?

Anyone that works within apprenticeship delivery will know it is complex. Providers and colleges have to think about funding requirements, managing learner information, OfSTED, awarding body verification, quality assurance and delivery. All of these areas need careful management and we have always believed that systems and processes can help.

Additionally, learners and employers also have a greater expectation when it comes to the use of technology. Learners now expect to be able to access online learning but any learning system has to be more than a repository of information. Learning systems have to be easy to use and contain relevant and engaging content. Just having a few links to sites and documents really isn’t going to work.

Learners expect smartphone and tablet apps that are useful and more importantly kept up to date. Too many colleges and providers invest in smartphone technology just to see it left alone and never updated.

We have also developed quality assurance systems that help providers manage all aspects of self assessment, quality improvement planning, policy and procedure management and other quality requirements.

Examples of Our Work

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We have developed a range of online learning portals including bespoke server virtual academybased applications as well as creating simple virtual academies using content management systems such as WordPress. [nimbus_image align=”right” type=”simple-border”][/nimbus_image]Many providers have still failed to make the switch to online learning instead relying on books and some classroom work and this is putting them at a disadvantage.

Learners have grown up at school with online learning and now have an expectation that they will get this on their apprenticeship too. We have developed our learning systems using a number of systems. As well as developing fully bespoke cloud based learning portals, we have also developed simpler learning portals for clients using content management applications such as Worpdress. [/nimbus_tab][nimbus_tab label=”ePortfolios”]securelime
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ePortfolios have been growing in acceptance for a few years but not all of them really do the job that is needed.

They are either too complicated or just focus purely on being a repository of evidence.

We have developed ePortfolio systems that have passed the OfQUAL checks and have beed described by one external verifier as the “easiest and clearest system that I have been asked to use”.

Unlike many other ePortfolio systems, our has been designed by trainers and assessors and has been developed to make the process of learning and adding evidence as simple as possible for learners.

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Getting quality assurance right in vocational educational and training is critical particular when colleges and providers have so many quality frameworks and requirements to work towards.

We have developed a number of quality assurance applications covering:

  • Self Assessment Reporting
  • Quality Improvement Planning
  • Observations of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Staff Management

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We develop smartphone applications which are a perfect method for colleges and training providers to engage with the learners and employers.


  • Apprenticeship Vacancies
  • Course Information
  • Information, Advice and Guidance
  • News and Events
  • Student / Apprentice Applications

If a smartphone / tablet application is something that might benefit you then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.