Up skilling existing staff with the Apprenticeship Levy

Many Levy employers are unaware that the Levy doesn’t just have to be spent on young, new recruits. You can also upskill your existing staff with nationally recognised qualifications! There are now no limitations when it comes to becoming an Apprentice! Regardless of previous qualifications or age, anyone can now become an apprentice.

You have always been able to upskill staff by placing them onto an apprenticeship programme but it has always been a lot harder to do so as before May 2017, graduates were unable to do apprenticeships lower than level 7. There are now no limitations when it comes to becoming an apprentice! Regardless of previous qualifications, anyone over the age of 16, can now become an apprentice.

The only disadvantage is that graduates are unable to complete an apprenticeship which is similar to their degree. You can upskill staff with level 2 all the way up to level 8 qualifications, it’s all about finding which standard would fit the individual’s job role and skills best and how it will benefit them and the company the most.

If you are wanting to know more about upskilling staff, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team! 01423 740006.